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Selling Your Florida Business with Eric Wayne

If you are a Florida business owner thinking that the time is right to sell, there are three steps that you need to consider.

Step 1 - Provide value to your customers. You will get good money selling your business only if you're providing high-value to your customers who are visiting your website. You also have to make sure that there is a huge benefit if at all anyone purchases your website. If you keep these two things in mind it will be very easy and profitable for you to sell your business. It is important that you establish your business to the point that it is profitable before you go about selling it.

Step 2 - Build a strong foundation for your business before you sell. The only way that your business will be able to sell is if it is making a profit. If it has been losing money, the only value the business has are the equipment and parts within the business. It is important that you setup quality products as well as work hard in developing a strong customer base for your Miami business and make sure that it is profitable before you go about selling it. It is extremely important that you focus on conveying the owner's benefit of purchasing your business if you want to make serious money.

Step 3 - Focus on the benefits and profitability of purchasing your business. Most business owners will pay their personal bills, such as mortgage, car payments, cell phones, etc. through the business. Your accountant during tax time will take out this information. However, your business broker will add this back in to figure out your owner's benefit, which will then go into the formula to figure out the most probable selling price. The most probable selling price is based your particular industry, profitable of the company, and the owner's benefit and is what the business will be able to sell at quickly.

To learn more about selling your Florida Business, and to find out what your Florida Business is worth,
consider using Florida business broker, Eric Wayne. Contact me today for a free sellers consultation.

Why Should You Use United Realty Group?

For many years, United Realty Group has provided fair-minded advice and counsel to sellers and buyers of businesses through the application of exceptional professionalism, knowledge, integrity and experience. United Realty Group, Inc., has specialized in the buying and selling of privately owned business ranging in all price ranges.

We have a knowledgeable and capable staff that has closed thousands of transactions under strict confidentiality and quality control. United Realty Group has offices in Boca Raton with agents all over the State of Florida to serve you with experienced business brokering at the highest level.

We are among the largest, oldest, and most respected business broker firm in the State of Florida. With its multi-lingual capabilities, and sophisticated merger and acquisition (M&A) division, United Realty Group has positioned itself as the leader in merger and acquisition opportunities. United Realty Groupís vast network provides access to thousands of financially qualified buyers throughout the U.S. and internationally. United Realty Group provides each of its clients with a ten point marketing program designed to sell the business for the most probable selling price. The plan includes:

  • In-depth initial consultation
  • Professional Opinion of Fair Market Value
  • Your business presented on 15 websites targeting qualified buyers
  • Extensive co-brokering networks
  • Regional newspaper advertising
  • Trade advertising
  • Outbound direct mail and telemarketing
  • Extensive referral network with other professionals
  • Strict confidentiality
  • Involvement from listing through closing
Eric Wayne Eric Wayne,
Your South Florida Business Broker

Eric is a sales agent with United Realty Group, with over 25 years of management experience working with Fortune 100 Companies. With his proficiency in sales and marketing and his experience in starting up, building, and managing successful companies, Eric has the ability to bring buyers and sellers together.

If you want to sell your business, merge with an existing business, or buy a busines, Eric can help. As a licensed Florida real estate agent working for United Realty Group, an industry leader in sales, Eric can effectively leverage hundreds of prospective buyers and sellers throughout the country.